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MONO.LOGUES is pleased to announce the solo exhibition "111l" by Haruka Fujita from 17 May.- 3 June.2024.


Haruka Fujita has been taking photographs of things related to her origins, such as her travels to her roots, her hometown Sendai after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the world of winter and snow in Japan and abroad.


This time, the exhibition space will be composed of works using light boxes based on her photo book 111l, which was created and published in 2020 during the coronavirus situation(COVID-19). This work will also be presented for the first time in real space as an offline version of the "111l web photo exhibition" (2021), which Fujita published on her website while COVID-19 imposed restrictions on her activities.


The photo book "111l" was born when she learned that the existence of water vapor had been confirmed in the atmosphere of a planet in space, which led her to imagine that it could snow in space.The title '111l' comes from the fact that the planet on which the water vapor was confirmed is approximately 111 light years away from Earth.


In the year 2020, people and society are trapped in a sense of stagnation caused by an unknown virus. Unstoppable climate change, stagnant global warming countermeasures, and associated distorted economic problems. 111l, which was compiled as a journey through the vast, snowy universe, is like a planet resembling hope that shines amid such a depressing, vicious cycle of days. The cosmic space envisioned by Haruka Fujita appears in MONO.LOGUES over time.

from 111l web photo exhibition

One gloomy, rainy night, I heard the sound of fireworks going off somewhere in the distance.Walking out on the balcony, I could see their faint glow off on the horizon.

Every year, the riverbank fireworks we would watch from our yard took place in August, but becauseof climate change, they have been moved later in the year to October. This year, they were called-offaltogether because of the coronavirus.


In February, professor Furukawa, the current director of the Nakaya Ukichiro Museum of Snow andIce, whom I invited to a talk event for my photo exhibition, revealed to me that water vapor wasdiscovered in the atmosphere of a far-off planet.This meant it may snow somewhere in space.I thought of the present vicious cycle of global warming on Earth, and at the same time envisionedsnow, dancing about in a dark space with no one around.

habitable zone 

Will mankind ever abandon this once beautiful planet for another?

Maybe those of us left behind will set off fireworks, filled with our reflections on the past and wishes for the future.

This is what I imagined, stuck with nowhere to go, during the long and rainy summer days.

august 2020 fujita haruk

From the afterword of <111l>

from series of 111l

haruka fujita

Born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, now based in Tokyo. Exhibitions include: solo exhibition (1998, Sendai Museum of Contemporary Art), “soundless river" (2013, AL, Tokyo) (2020, WATERMARK arts&crafts, Tokyo), "sewing seeds" (2013, Norway, (Oslo, Norway), "winter" (2015/ YKG, Tokyo) (2020/BOOK AND SONS, Tokyo), "torikumo" (2023/BOOK AND SONS, Tokyo) (2023/ LIBRIS KOBACO, Fukuoka). Published photobooks ; ”Soundless river" (2013/self-published), "winter" (2015/HeHe), "111l"

(2020/self-published), and "torikumo" (2022/HeHe).