solo exhibition 

Yutaro Aoki




Nov 26, [Fri,] - Dec 20, [Mon,] - 2021   

Open: on Friday, Monday 1-6pm,

on Saturday, Sunday 12-5pm 







*In Response to the Novel Coronavirus

・Please refrain from coming to the gallery if you have any symptoms such as fever or cough.

・Please wear a mask and disinfect your hands with alcohol at the entrance.

・Please note that if the gallery space is crowded, there may be a restriction on entry.

・Please note that health-related measures may change without notice.

*There is no restroom in this space



This time MONO.LOGUES is pleased to announce the solo exhibition "double" by Yutaro Aoki from November 26 (Fri.) to December 20 (Mon.).

Aoki's sculptures are mainly based on everyday life, using familiar materials such as wood and metal, and combining simple shapes. And his works fit with the aesthetics of the architectural space as he installs the sculptures after he carefully considers the characteristics of the site. 


Aoki’s works, being based on the concept of minimalism, contain many simple elements, as a result they are open to free interpretation by the viewer. Thereby, the viewer acquires the room to comprehend his works and it seems to give us the intimacy, familiarity and commonality. Also, he accepts the variety of phenomena, circumstances and environment which surround him in a natural way, and reproduces them as they appear in his works.


Thus, he reflects his own personality in the exhibition space.

In little chilly early winter, how does the space of MONO.LOGUES arouse Aoki’s reproducibility?



I always move by my car when I go to my atelier, work or travel.

When I drive, I notice the scenery through the window keeps passing away. As I keep driving, the scenery, that I can still see, keeps moving.

The further away you are, the slower it moves, I notice. The faster I drive, the narrower your field of vision becomes, and the closer you are to the object, the more it passes you by in a flash and becomes invisible.


In the flowing scenery, there are things that are no longer visible, and things that are only slightly visible at the edge of my vision. I try to capture the situation as it changes with the speed of movement., and give the shape to this.

I express the recognizable space as what is visible is visible and what is invisible is invisible


Yutaro Aoki 

 200 / 2019 / pine,acrylic/ 250×50×157 cm

  Estrella de septiembre / 2019 / iron/ 390×20×450 cm

Yutaro Aoki 


1988 Born in Shizuoka city, Shizuoka pref.

2013 M.F.A in Course of Fine Arts and Design, 

graduate School of Arts, Tokai University, Kanagawa, Japan. 

What is most important in creation is to grasp the target space. How a viewer can recognize the subjected space. 

Pulling out the structure from the already existing environment, making a deal with it and giving a shape to it by sculpture work. 


His main solo exhibition include: Oasis(nap gallery, Tokyo, 2017), Puerta del cielo 空の扉(Studio Block M74, Mexico City, 2019) and Tokyo nomad life(art gallery closet, Tokyo, 2021).

Installation view