group show


Momoko Kimura

Kanako Kitabayashi

Taro Maruyama

Takahiko Yanagisawa


12 May.  - 7 Aug. 2023

Open:Friday to Monday 11am ~ 5pm

Close:Tuesday to Thursday

(additionallyopen for viewings by appointment)



12 Asaoshinden, Akeno-cho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi 408 - 0205, Japan


Fee: Free Admission.



MONO.LOGUES(Please find contact information here)







MONO.LOGUES is pleased to announce the group show "SYUCCHOU MONO.LOGUES #3" at the alternative space GASBON METABOLISM from 12 May to 7 August.


The first SYUCCHOU MONO.LOGUES was held at the end of October last year. In the previous show, #2, the exhibition space seemed to reflect the joyful set-up time between the artists. Despite meeting each other for the first time, the three artists showed mutual respect for each other. We were able to catch a glimpse of the influence of contact with people on their expression.


This third exhibition is a group show by four artists: painter Takahiko Yanagisawa, sculptor Taro Maruyama, Momoko Kimura and artist Kanako Kitabayashi. The unique characteristics of each artist's work will create a different atmosphere from the previous show. We would like to see what kind of changes they will bring about in GASBON METABOLISM, where various elements come and go.

This year's 'SYUCCHOU' exhibition is ongoing. Please come and experience it at the exhibition site as you enjoy the changing of the seasons.


Note: SYUCCHOU means business trip in Japanese.

Caryatides for Liberation/ 2019/ Wood, masking tape/ h210 x w44 x d20 cm



mora_eyelid / 2022/ Pottery, leather strap, bell, thread/ variable size, mainly w10 x h7 x d10 cm


Kanako Kitabayashi

Feathers and short walls/ 2022/ wood, fittings, wooden powder clay, rubber toy/ H110 x W110 x D35 cm


Taro Maruyama

bonfire/ 2022/oil on canvas/ 194×162 cm


Takahiko Yanagisawa

installation view