Yasuko Hirano / JUN KANEKO / Haruki Ohno



1 Sep. - 13 Nov. 2023

Open:Friday to Monday 11am ~ 5pm

Closed:Tuesday to Thursday (opening hours can be adjusted by appoitment)


12 Asaoshinden, Akeno-cho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi 408 - 0205, Japan

Fee: Free Admission.



MONO.LOGUES(Please find contact information here)







MONO.LOGUES (Nakano, Tokyo) is pleased to announce the group show "SYUCCHOU - MONO.LOGUES  #4" at the art complex GASBON METABOLISM (Hokuto, Yamanashi) from 1 September to 13 November.


The previous group show, #3, consisted mainly of three-dimensional works. The strong presence of three-dimensional objects makes it difficult to establish spatial relationships. This exhibition was a learning experience for us, as we tried to interpret the works from various angles according to the individual artists.


This fourth exhibition is a group show of two painters, Yasuko Hirano and JUN KANEKO, and a sculptor, Haruki Ohno.

Last year, Yasuko Hirano and Haruki Ohno were supposed to meet at the MONO.LOGUES group show. And JUN KANEKO, who is based in Fukushima and works while running a gallery.What kind of emotions will be left behind at the end of the summer by the dialogue between these three artists, whose perspectives intersect with each other. Please come and experience it at the venue.


Note: SYUCCHOU means business trip in Japanese.

Superposition 2314 / 2023 /Oil,plaster, and glue on canvas and wooden panel/ 53×45.5 cm


Yasuko Hirano

Softmachine / 2023/ acrylic gouache、canvas/ 60×15×3.3 cm



Mud-spitting fish and fishermen (prototype)

2021/ Chemical wood, polyester putty, lacquer paint/ H25 x W14 x D13.5 cm

Photo: Michiko Ishikawa


Haruki Ohno