particle-scapes_1013212021/ acrylic ink, aerosol paint, grease pencil on aluminum mounted on wood panel/ 72.7×100 cm

solo exhibition

Yuma Yoshimura 




5 Feb. - 28 Feb. 2022   

Open: on Saturday, Sunday 11am-5pm / on Monday 1-7pm






*In Response to the Novel Coronavirus

・Please refrain from coming to the gallery if you have any symptoms such as fever or cough.

・Please wear a mask and disinfect your hands with alcohol at the entrance.

・Please note that if the gallery space is crowded, there may be a restriction on entry.

・Please note that health-related measures may change without notice.

*There is no restroom and parking lot in this space.



MONO.LOGUES is pleased to announce the solo exhibition "monologue" by Yuma Yoshimura from 5 Feb.- 28 Feb.2022. Yuma Yoshimura works using aluminum, wood, paint and other materials based on the elements of ‘’form and inscape’’. And he reflects the relation of himself with outer world on two-dimensional, semi-dimensional and installation works. In this exhibition, he presents new works developed through re-contemplation of project’s components such as materials and techniques, as his mind-set has widened by starting to operate MONO.LOGUES from last year. Please enjoy the exhibition ‘’monologue’’ which name comes from the name of its space MONO.LOGUES. 


<artist statment>

I draw innumerable lines on the substrate. I shave off and draw and again I shave off and draw. Then an atypical form emerges by this repeat. The traces spread in the form is our landscape made intentionally, which it can’t be reproduced. The flowing inscape gradually alters to an encountered form. There we exist inevitably.


Yuma Yoshimura



acrylic ink, gesso, aerosol paint,pencil on wood panel




acrylic ink, aerosol paint, grease pencil, activated carbon, aluminum mounted on wood


Yuma Yoshimura was born in Japan, in 1980.

He received a B.F.A from the Department of Painting, Printmaking course, Tama Art University in 2004, and currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

His main solo exhibitions include: ''In-to-You'' (2011/ A Word of Art/ Cape Town), "The Burning Silence" (2013/ Montana Gallery/ Barcelona), "beyond the shapes"(2017/ Calm&Punk Gallery/ Tokyo), And "the infinite from empty room" (2019/ TAKU SOMETANI/ Tokyo)


He creates two-dimensional, semi-dimensional and installation works using mainly aluminum and wood, based on the elements of form and inscape, searching for the relation of the inner world of himself with outer world. He started to operate the alternative space ‘’MONO.LOGUES’’ in 2021.


Installation view