Group show 「UNLOGICAL」 <completed>

Taro Maruyama, Reina Mikame, KENTA SENEKT 


July 16, [Fri,] - Aug 9, [Mon,] - 2021

Open: on Friday, Monday 1-6pm,

on Saturday, Sunday 12-5pm

Other days by appointment during the exhibition. E-mail:


Cooperation: Yutaka Kikutake Gallery


 *In Response to the Novel Coronavirus

・Please refrain from coming to the gallery if you have any symptoms such as fever or cough.

・Please wear a mask and disinfect your hands with alcohol at the entrance.

・Please note that if the gallery space is crowded, there may be a restriction on entry.

・Please note that health-related measures may change without notice.

*There is no restroom in this space



This time, MONO.LOGUES presents “UNLOGICAL”, a group show of works by Taro Maruyama, Reina Mikame and KENTA SENEKT from July 16 to August 9.

This exhibition does not put importance on the commonality of artists’ thoughts and works, but rather focuses on three artists who have different way of expressions and concepts for work, and who don’t know one to another.

We pursue how new connection of polyphony, played by their individual and unique way of expressions, will resonate in the space and try to have a dialogue with each viewer. Through this dialogue, we encourage the visitor to shift the interactive object, to dialogue with themselves and leads to reconstruct the perspectives on how to see

and perceive things.

Please enjoy the ephemeral polyphony like sprinkling water in the heat.


Freak out / 2019/ wood, pipe,/ PVC board, stainless/ H1500×W430×D350 mm 


Taro Maruyama

1991 Born in Kanagawa

2021 Completed in the doctoral program of the Department of Sculpture, Tokyo University of the Arts

His work is inspired by pop culture, suburban culture, mass merchandisers and messy landscapes of downtown and he focuses on their integration and his tolerance for

contradiction of the image where all these elements coexist. The works, structured from that point of view, can be called a formative slang, combining traditional media for

expression such as wood carving or ceramics with industrial products against a ready-made stereotype.

His major solo exhibitions include: “Let’s stay together” (2019, Gallery HIROUMI, Tokyo), ‘’Sunlight, Affair and Gentle Feelings’’ (2019, TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY, Tokyo).

Touch the flame / 2021/ 100×148mm/ Watercolor on paper



Born in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, Japan in 1992. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts (M.F.A.) in 2017. Selected solo exhibitions include: “Touch the heat” at MONO.LOGUES, Tokyo(2021); “Looking at the color” at Yutaka Kikutake Gallery, Tokyo(2020); “project N 69 Reina Mikame” at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo(2017)

Based in Tokyo, Japan

Moment by moment1/ 2018/ 727x530mm/ acrylic, spray, color pencil on canvas



Born in Kyoto. In 2007 he began his career mainly in live painting, one of the improvisedexpressions. Subsequently, his medium is shifted to murals and Tableau which have more introvert element. Recently he expands his field of expressions to installation and 3D.

KENTA SELEKT mixes daily feelings and events, such as the intimacy of friendship, scattered memories and snapshots to bind them together, and reflects them on the substrate. His work is attempting to disassemble the body and spirit, while keeping a psychological balance in the middle of consciousness and unconsciousness. After working abroad in Melbourne (2013 to 2017) and in Berlin (2018), he is now based in Osaka.

His major solo exhibitions include: “SPECTRUM” (2016), “EQUILIBRIUM」” (2017) both at BACKWOODS GALLERY in Melbourne.

Installation view