group show


<extend> until 30 Jan. 2023

Yutaro Aoki / Taketo Masui / Reina Mikame / Kento Mori / Masaru Suyama / Yuma Yoshimura



30 Oct. 2022 - 30 Jan. 2023

Open:Friday to Monday 11am ~ 5pm

Close:Tuesday to Thursday

(additionallyopen for viewings by appointment)



12 Asaoshinden, Akeno-cho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi 408 - 0205, Japan


Fee: Free Admission.



MONO.LOGUES(Please find contact information here)







Yutaka Kikutake Gallery

We are happy to announce you that MONO.LOGUES presents a group show ‘’MONO.LOGUES at GASBON #1’’, from October 30 to December 19 at GASBON METABOLISM, a multi-use facility that opened this summer in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture.


Up to now, MONO.LOGUES has been operating with an awareness to maintain a neutral venue as much as possible. In this project, being designed to showcase this characteristic, we mix the artists who have exhibited in MONO.LOGUES in the past, with ‘’+1’’, a first-joining artist. Since one never knows what will happen in the ‘’business’’ trip, we will explore various possibilities in a fluid manner.And later on, repeating the iteration ‘’from Nakano (Tokyo) to Yamanashi, from Yamanashi to Tokyo’’, we attempt to build stronger story as a place (MONO.LOGUES).


The artists who join on first ‘’business’’ trip are Yutaro Aoki, Reina Mikame, Kento Mori, Masaru Suyama, Yuma Yoshimura, and ‘’+1’’ Taketo Masui, 6 in total. Please take this opportunity to visit MONO.LOGUES at GASBON.


<translated by Manami Midorikawa>

untitled/ 2018/ Wood and acrylic/ 26×16×3㎝


Yutaro Aoki

happying #11/ 2022/ fragment of Jomon pottery /w 23×d 23×h 45 cm


Taketo Masui

Touch the heat/ 2021/ Oil on canvas/ 38×45.5cm


Reina Mikame


Teens at warehouse party, San Francisco, California/ 2006/ Type-C Print/ 20 x 24 inch


Kento Mori

He Often Does That /2021/acrylic on canvas/ 116.7x91 cm


Masaru Suyama

particle-scapes_f100621/ 2021-2022/acrylic ink, aerosol paint, grease pencil on aluminum mounted on wood panel/ 72.7×100 cm


Yuma Yoshimura

installation view