Hayato Tobayama




25 Nov. - 19 Dec. 2022

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MONO.LOGUES holds a solo exhibition ‘’plain/plane’’ of Hayato Tobayama from Friday November 25 to Monday December 19. Hayato Tobayama joined the group show ‘’UNLOGICAL 02’’ held at our space last year. This solo exhibition will be held after about 1 year of communication.


From His work people get the strong image that he paints abstract art. However, he himself says ‘’I don’t really feel that I’m painting an abstract art, they just look so as a result of what appears on canvas’’. He also comments ‘’rather than the surface part of the finished canvas, it is more important the process as how to proceed during painting and how to change the work’’.


As my personal opinion, his work evokes a sort of tasteless ‘’painting of no taste’’.  It doesn't imply negative meaning. I would rather say that is attractiveness and characteristic of his work. This may be because the process of creation is most important to him now, and the resulting images themselves are considered as his works of art.


His emotions generated by collecting carefully his daily life that changes with the flow of the time. This time the works consisted through that process, how much “plain/plane” will be, we cannot wait to see. 

Please enjoy the solo exhibition of that Hayato Tobayama.

<Artist Statement>

In painting, a communication in the place that is unseen certainly exists. I think if you are a painter, there are many occasions you can finish or close down its work if you want.


It is not a detour on purpose, but I am somewhere on a plain that is not complete at a single point, like a transit point. Perhaps, it might be boring at first glance.


Awareness comes late most of the time. According the process, if I shave off the completion, sometimes I reach to another dimension. The fact I have reached, it may not be ‘’plain’’.



By going back and forth between several dimensions sometimes I understand a thing, but it is obvious it is no easy. By going back and forth between several dimensions I am convinced sometimes, but it is obvious that it is not easy.

<translated by Manami Midorikawa>

flat/ 2022/ oil on canvas/ 33.3×24.2 cm


Hayato Tobayama

born in 2001.

Studying in Tama Art University, Department of Painting, Oil Painting Course.


While capturing the canvas from a bird’s eye view, based on the sensations generated through daily events, my body condition and my hand habit, I work  repeating to look at the picture and to paint.